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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Top 10 Similarities between Malaysia and USA

No. 10

America - Flag got Red and White Stripes

Malaysia - Flag also got Red and White Stripes

No. 9

America - Play football without using foot

Malaysian - National football team also play football without using foot

No. 8

America - Legalized racist organisation Ku Klux Klan

Malaysia - Legalized racist organisation Maybank

No. 7

America - No 1 Car Maker is General Motor

Malaysia - Trying to sell its No 1 Car Maker to General Motor

No. 6

America - Speed Limit of High Way is 55

Malaysia - IQ of the person in charge of High Way is 55

No. 5

America - Dick very long as shown on porno movie

Malaysia - Keris very long as shown on national TV

No. 4

America - National Disaster is Katrina

Malaysia - National Disaster is Rafidah

No. 3

America - No.1 unsolved mystery is John F. Kennedy assasination

Malaysia - No.1 unsolved mystery is Mykad lucky draw cancellation

No. 2

America - Gaoment spent millions to build the nation

Malaysia - Gaoment spent millions during by-election

And the No. 1 similarity between Malaysia and America is





America - Worry most about North Korea

Malaysia - Worry most about Mongolia

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