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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Say NO to Milo

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People, we should stop buying Milo (a chocolate flavored drink). No more rich chocolate taste! Don't be fooled!

Nestle company is earning millions and millions and we're the one helping them. The canned Milo powder is getting more and more expensive each day with around RM 19 - RM 23 each. Wow! Other beverage products such as Vico or Ovaltine does not cost that much. Moreover, the tastes of the chocolate drinks are quite similar. The company is abusing the power because we as a consumer kept buying Milo.

It has less chocolate flavor even if you put extra spoonful of Milo powder into the cup. No smell of Milo at all. Besides that, it's dark in color. If you accidentally spill the Milo on your clothes, I'm sure you can't get rid of the stain!

When combined with hot milk, it doesn't create a layer of congealed Milo floating on top of the cup anymore; this proves that the quantity of cocoa powder in Milo is so little; most of it is mixtures of sugars.

It is believe that Milo is high in energy and one will be able to get enough energy for the day. I don't think so because as you can see, it contains more sugar and one might get diabetics disease if consume in long run. It does not have the taste of rich chocolate anymore. They have increase the level of sugar for the ingredient and reduce the cocoa powder.

And, it really make sense that they are using part of our money to build RM490 million Sports Centre in London.

Wake up, Malaysian! Do you still want to profit this company?

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obefiend said...

milo taste quite nice.. but i havent drink it in years. in the intermitten years between my teenage and early adult life i discovered COKE! haha haha

小丑 said...

I agree with your sentence whereby the percentage of the sugar in the overall compostition are much more higher than the chocolate one.

I only ordered MILO when I was having tea time with friends. has been long time for me to drink Vico and Ovatine yo..

anyway, thanks ya, for visiting my blog.